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Namibia is a unique destination of irresistible beauty, abundance at sunshine and a feeling of boundless space. This beautiful country is known for its diversity in flora and fauna but also by the contrasting landscapes, the immensely vast Namib Desert, of which is said to be the most oldest in the world. This is an area with particular high sand dunes and the breathtaking colours of shades.

As large as Germany and France together, Namibia has a population of about 1.5 million people. Namibia’s magical scenic beauty offers her visitors absolute peace. The best way to travel through Namibia is by 4x4 cars, for a large part of the roads is gravel sand roads.

In the South of the country you find the 160 km long Fish River Canyon, which is the world’s second largest canyon, in the West of Namibia is the Namib Desert (and Sossusvlei) which is a must visit area. The sunrises are the most magical moments of the day, in which the sand dunes show the most beautiful sand and red tints.

The fisherman village of Swakopmond offers a fresh and welcome atmosphere. This is a very nice place to enjoy the interesting and pleasant boat excursion on the lagoon of Walvis Bay. During this boat excursion you encounter seals, pelicans, flamingo and many other animals. In the city there is a lot of historical buildings to find and a scale of restaurants.

In the area of Twijfelfontein, you will discover a number of nature’s phenomena such as the Petrified Forest, the large numbers of rock paintings, Burnt Mountain and the rock formation Organ Pipes, are attractions of the country.

The well-known Etosha National Park is a must see. In this park, which encloses 22.270km2, live 144 different species of mammals, among which you find the so-called "Big Five".

The northern part of Namibia, bordering to Angola offers a dense and tropical nature and the route through the Caprivi, Namibia is perfect to combine with the ultimate safari destination "Botswana".

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